29th November 2023

Audi | VAG TDI

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Swirl Flaps Refurbishment

Main advantages of the remanufactured by kolektori.eu intake manifolds:

  • Limited Lifetime Warranty granted to individual owner
  • Affordable price
  • Long life
  • No changes to the OEM architecture
  • High Quality materials used

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Stummel und kleine Dichtungen

6x Wellenlager

Welle mit Drahlklappen


Dew to the severe wear of “bank1” and “bank2” swirl flap manifolds found in 2.7TDI & 3.0TDI engines, control units detect malfunction accompanied with dashboard error. As a result your vehicle does not function up to the OEM parameters. Among most common side effects are: higher consumption and CO2 levels, uneven idle RPMs, impaired acceleration and de-acceleration, Cruise Control struggles to maintain speed, harder gear changes by Tiptronic (Automatic Transmission) etc.

Where is the problem?

Every intake manifold with swirl flap mechanism (2.7TDI & 3.0TDI) has been built from the following components: housing, servo motor, pulling rod, shaft with 3x valves and 6x shaft bearings. Most worn out parts after moderate use of 80 000miles are the pulling rod and shaft bearings. Severe wear occurs due to the excess temperature of the exhaust gasses which reenter into the intake manifold through EGR (Exhaust_Gas_Recirculation) valve, resulting in abnormal carbon buildup around individual components of the swirl flaps. Accumulated in the small gaps around the shaft and its bearings, the carbon buildup acts as a file/sandpaper resulting in inability of the servo motor to control the pulling rod as programmed from the factory.

If you are interested in more detailed information about the technical operation of the swirl flap mechanism, please use this link.


0. Replacement of the manifold in authorized Audi/VW dealer.

No doubt this is the best alternative but unfortunately the most expensive. Due to the fact that dealers sell the manifold as a whole price quotes are steep. As a separate spare part, only the connection rod is available, however this is only a Band-Aid which will not cure the source of the problem which is the excess play of the shaft, because of the worn out shaft bearings.

1. Remanufactured/ Refurbished intake manifold Designed by Kolektori.EU

A relatively new method which gives the customer opportunity to replace only the worn out components – Connection rod, Shaft and shaft bearings. By taking advantage of the opportunity to reuse the housing (thoroughly inspected and cleaned in ultrasound bath) and servomotor – price is greatly reduced. Replacement components are being manufactured from the highest quality Polymer which is specially designed to be used in harsh automotive engine conditions. Among most important features are:

  • Operating temperature above 250 oC
  • Designed to be continuously exposed to fuel, oil and acid
  • Great flexibility combined with remarkable strength thanks to fiber glass reinforcement
  • Top layer plated with TEFLON-like material specially designed to prevent carbon buildup

In order to reach highest possible standards by only improving not redesigning components, we buy the connection rod repair kit directly from the manufacturer MANN+HUMMEL. Thus guarantying that simple conception work more reliable and last longer, we are convinced that our solution not only match but even surpasses the premium quality of VAG genuine spare parts.

2. Software reprogramming of the control module.

Cheapest possibility, which we do not recommend due to the fact it is not even a Band-Aid. By eliminating the signal and malfunction error recognition your ECU will not be able to read the data supposed to alert about components which cannot fulfill manufacturer suggested specifications. Sooner or later such kind of manipulation will severely wear out other components and suddenly the cheapest alternative could become the most expensive one. Be cautious about such tempting opportunities.

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