3rd December 2022


Frequently Asked Questions

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How to buy/order a product from AirShox.EU / Kolektori.EU?

In order to answer your questions promptly, please fill in the contact form.

“What discount rates do you offer?

We offer great discount rates if you would like to make wholesale purchase, organize group buy or you are a car repair shop representative. All discounts are negotiated individually.

“How do I make the exchange with my old/defect components?”

First we will send you the refurbished product with proven quality. After you receive it on address of your choice, you have 14(fourteen) working days to pack your defect components and send them to the return address written on the package you have received. During that time you have the opportunity to swap your defect components with the once we have sent you and benefit from the minimal down time of your vehicle. For more information please refer to the visual guide.

“Shipping Rates and Duration.”

We offer an internationally signed for, priority mail service with tracking number for 15euro (inside EU). Shipping time is estimated at 7 working days.

“Is my car/engine supported?”

Please find your vehicle in our compatibility list. If it is not included, please fill in the contact form for more details.

“I would like to purchase the shaft and 6x bearings separately, is that possible?”

In order to maintain high customer satisfaction and quality control we DO NOT offer such type of service. First we prefer to clean the housing in specially designed Ultrasonic bath, after that we thoroughly inspect it for minor defects and finally we install the components manufactured by us. As a result we offer you a finished product which has proven quality.

“Why is the check engine light still on?”

Mechanically your swirl flap manifold will be in an as new condition. However check engine light to turn off you have to erase the error codes written in the engine management memory of your vehicle. In order to succeed you have to use a diagnostic equipment which could be found in the authorized dealers or most of the vehicle repair shops.

“What are the warranty Terms & Conditions?”

For every intake manifold swirl flap bought from us you are granted with lifetime warranty, for the time you are the owner of the vehicle. Subsequent owners will not be able to benefit from the warranty. If you are a car retailer, we will grant the warranty to the first subsequent owner of the vehicle, however you have to contact us for that matter.

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